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A carer is anybody from the age of five years old that provides care and support to another person who could not otherwise manage without it; this could be as a parent or grandparent, a child, a neighbour, a sibling or a friend. The care and support provided could be due to: Illness. Disability. Mental ill-health, Substance misuse and/or Frailty.

It is sometimes difficult to identify with the term ‘carer’ because you may see your caring role as a natural part of your relationship with the person. You could be very involved with maintaining your loved one’s day-to-day life, or you could be providing them with occasional telephone support during times of crisis. There are no judgements made on your availability to provide care or your willingness to do so, and this does not affect your rights to access support as a carer.

If the person you care for is under EPUT services please contact Support for carers | EPUT 

EPUT’s dedicated Carer Support Service gives carers an opportunity to talk about their caring role and responsibilities. This is called a carers assessment. They can also provide details of the many local carers’ groups, helplines and mental health organisations that can provide further information and support to carers.

For more information regarding the carers assessment here.

If you are interested in having a carers assessment, please ask for a referral from the team or the member of staff that is working with the person you are caring for.

If they are not under EPUT services please contact

Carers First to receive a Carers Assessment

Action for Family Carers Supporting Carers Across Essex (

Young Carers Service ( 

Southend Carers 

Thurrock 8-18's | Young Carers ( 

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